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Outasite!! Antiques and NOVA-Antiques.com do not manage, own, promote or operate the antique malls, stores, shops, antique shows, flea markets, estate sales or auctions listed on these pages.  All information is provided as a service to our subscribers and clients.  Although we try to verify all listings prior to publication, there are times that date, location and times changes are made by owners, managers and/or promoters that are not communicated to us in a timely manner.  It is a good idea to check with the owners, managers or promoters to make sure the event open or is being held before embarking on a journey.

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Antique Malls, Shops & Stores that help you save green by going green.  Recycling antiques, collectibles, decorative arts and home décor in this recession is not only smart but a cost effective way for everyone to beautify their home and help the environment. Outasite!! Antiques provides a list of the best antique & collectibles malls, dealers and shops in the Mid Atlantic Region to help you in your search for bargains as well as save you money.

Outasite!! Antiques

Defining Antiques & Collectibles


Generally among experts, something is considered antique when it is 100 years old or older. An antique item is normally well designed and crafted and some may even consider it a piece of art because of its function and design. In addition, an antique is normally a rare item that not many other people own because time has passed it by.  Although many antiques appreciate in value and purchased and sold as investments, other antiques hold no monetary value except to the person who owns it, the value being more nostalgic or personal.  That is the difference between antique and memorabilia, which should not be confused with collectibles.     MORE > > >

More Buyers Turning to Thrift Stores These Days


Thrift stores, sometimes known as second hand stores and thrift shops, are normally shops that are run by charitable organizations.  Their inventory usually comes by way of donation and a lot of times, depending on the organization, their employees are actually volunteers, which helps keep costs down.  It used to be that only people looking for a bargain shopped at these second hand stores, but with the economy taking a roller coaster ride, more and more people are turning to these stores to help make ends meet.     MORE > > >

The Always Collectible Zippo Lighter


Almost since the beginning, when in 1932 George G. Blaisdell founded the Zippo Manufacturing Company, Zippo lighters became popular and collectible.  Because they were windproof, they first, became popular with the American GI’s, who could be seen in the foxholes and trenches lighting up.  Although it has gone through modifications, changes in design and finish updates, the Zippo lighter and it’s internal works have not changed much after seventy six years and it is still as popular and with collectors as ever.     MORE > > >


Get Your Obama & McCain Memorabilia Today!!


No matter you’re partly politics or whom you decide to vote for in the November election for President of the United States, history will be made.  If we elect the Obama and Biden ticket to be President of the United States, we will have elected the first black to be President.  If we elect the McCain and Palin ticket, then we will have elected the first woman as Vice President of the United States.  No other election has had this opportunity.  What does this have to do with antiques and collectibles you ask?  Memorabilia of course!         MORE > > >

What Will be Collectible in the Future?


Ever walk into someone’s house and it is filled to the brim with collections of knick knacks and Tchotchkes to where you are afraid to knock something over?  We have been to a few of those places, including estate sales in the local area where we wonder how anyone could have lived in such a house.  Then we have to examine the question, “what were these people thinking?”  The answer might be, the “Antiques Roadshow” and eBay.   MORE > > >

A Brief History of Rookwood Pottery


Rookwood Pottery originated in Mount Adams, Ohio in the late 1870’s and was founded by Maria Longworth Nichols.  In the beginning, she Ms. Nichols painted blank china items and later hired others to help her create one of the most renowned potteries in the world.  He attention to detail and her quest for perfection led to making some of the most stunning if not perfect pieces of beautiful art pottery.  This and the fact that Rookwood easily made the transitions from one era to another flawlessly, makes Rookwood Pottery some of the most sought after and desirable art pottery in the world.     MORE > > >

Sister Maria Innocentia's Hummel Figurines


On January 9, 1935 an important birth happened in Germany.  It is the date on which the very popular and wildly collectible Hummel Figurines were born.  In actuality, this was the day that Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel signed the contract with Goebel Porzellan that allowed them to transform her drawings into the lovable figurines that we are most familiar with.          MORE > > >

Norman Rockwell a Great American Painter


One of the greatest painters in America is the renowned 20th Century artist Norman Rockwell. A child prodigy, Rockwell was first commissioned to paint four Christmas cards before he turned the ripe old age of 16.  He then continued his illustrious career by being named Art Director of Boys Life and thus began his pursuit in illustration.  After moving to New Rochelle, New York, he opened a studio and created illustrations for Life Magazine, Literary Digest and Country Gentleman, but his career skyrocketed when he at 22 years old he painted his first cover for the Saturday Evening Post.     MORE > > >

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